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Scottish Government Petition to protect Loch Awe



A much needed opportunity has arisen to support a petition relating to Scotland's threatened landscapes and highlighting Loch Awe in Argyll as PE01655: Scotland's National Scenic Areas. This has now been published on the Parliament's website and will be open for gathering signatures and comments - but only until 07 June 2017.

This is the link to the petition webpage

Re-Trunking the A816

KKCC Secretary


At recent Kilninver and Kilmelford Community Council Meetings, for various reasons, the possibility of re-trunking the A816 has been discussed by those in attendance. However, before the KKCC gets involved in lobbying Argyll and Bute Council or MPs and MSPs, it was thought that the opinion of the community be gained first. Further information about the complexities of re-trunking can be found on the Internet. The "Argyll and Bute Connectivity and Economy Research Report" which can be found here is a source of useful information and reference is made to the A 816 throughout the document. There is a box in the Kilmelford Village stores in which your opinions may be left or email Jane Rentoul., she is the member of the Community Council who has agreed to co-ordinate opinions. Before any decision is made it may be worth appreciating that for the A816 to be adopted as a trunk road, like a private road being adopted by a local council, it has to meet certain stringent standards and requirements first. (Antoinette Mitchell Secretary KKCC)